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New Signage for Doo Wop Experience Museum


The Doo Wop Preservation League has added several new features this year including enhancements to the I-Wall, some new mid-century furnishings, and new photos of the Wildwoods famous neon signs that remain unique on the Jersey shore. Now, new signage has been added to the entrance to inform visitors to the convention center, the Viet Nam Memorial Wall, and the many exciting Fox Park events that the Experience that the Experience is a great place to visit.


The Doo Wop Heritage museum tells the story of the motels and other buildings, the resort’s role as the birthplace of Rock and Roll, and vacation memories that the Wildwoods By-the-Sea preserve for generations of Americans. The new sign makes this more obvious to visitors. It is another much appreciated contribution by the community. The sign was designed and installed when the League learned that many visitors had no idea of the range of attractions offered at the Heritage.

Now, thanks to the new sign, the Doo Wop Experience museum is being visited by hundreds more visitors who attend the weekly concerts and events in Fox Park and visit the Viet Nam Memorial Wall. This year, the Doo Wop Experience hosted more than 10,000 visitors from all over the United States and Europe as more people learn about the resort’s unique architecture, lifestyle and place in history.

The Experience and the publicity generated by Doo Wop are one of the main reasons that the Wildwoods By-the-Sea were selected as a top heritage destination in the United states by many authoritative groups and publications including AOL, New Jersey Historic Society, and Forbes. It has been truly a great year for national publicity for the resort that will generate visitors from new markets in future years and, as long as the business community participates and builds on the theme, the best is yet to come.

        And, the Experience continues to grow thanks to the support and donations by the community. Thanks to that support, the Preservation League is formalizing plans for additional signs in the neon sign garden, and a computerized photo album that will hold thousands of photos and increase the linkage between the resort and its visitors who return year after year.

Check out the cool Doo Wop website, www.doowopusa.org, to learn about the latest Doo Wop Preservation League projects.

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