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The Doo Wop Experience and Neon Sign Garden are located directly across from the Wildwoods Convention Center on Ocean Avenue between Burk and Montgomery Avenues.



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Jul 28

Finicky Forum


I have been noticing some touchiness when trying to type posts on the new forum. For instance, I couldn't type the work "de*ad" in a post. Sometimes, I can't even tell which word is creating the problem and have to reword the entire post. When there is a word the forum doesn't like, it just tells you that you can't post and that you must contact the administrator. It would be nice if it told us the problem words. Has anyone else noticed a problem with words? Maybe we should try to make a list of words to avoid...

That has happened to me too, and I haven't figured out what words were causing it. Nothing controversial, it just seemed to happen.

Jul 29

I typed out my trip report from last week and still can't post it. No bad words. Nothing controversial. Good thing i saved a copy. I emailed the administrator as told. Still no response.

How did you email the admin? He doesn't seem to answer any comments directed to him.

Jul 31

@DarkInThePark I emailed him first from a contact form on this site and the second time direct from my email. I even sent him a screenshot of the post i tried to make. Still trying here.

Jul 31

I just posted a screenshot of the post i wanted to make. Crazy workaround but it works.

Jul 30

I had an issue and then after a day didn't, not sure what the deal was. Just curious is anyone here running Safari? Sometimes I wonder if mobile vs. non-mobile or browser has anything to do with it.

Aug 13

The forum is working okay for me (no complaints) but how come the font got so small and light? Is it only on my end? I enjoyed the dark, bold font when it debuted.

The font, as well as the layout of the forum, seems to have changed a bit. I prefer the new layout- wish the font was slightly bigger and bolder.

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