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The Doo Wop Experience and Neon Sign Garden are located directly across from the Wildwoods Convention Center on Ocean Avenue between Burk and Montgomery Avenues.



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Jul 15

Let's all take a deep breath.


I posted some of this as a reply to Hulk reaching out to a few of us DWPL stalwarts, and I think I need to make sure it doesn't get buried (because what I have to say is SO important- wink, wink).


When I saw the change a couple weeks ago, I couldn't believe it. I thought some kind of glitch reverted the forum back to an older (unseen?) version before realizing the entire site had been revamped. I gave it a week or so, hoping things would go back to normal. They didn't, but today I checked in and saw forum activity with some very familiar names and surmised there is reason to be optimistic.


IF all of the old information has been lost, it will be a crime, but I don't see any reason to start pointing fingers, accusing people of things we don't know about (and people we don't really know), and being angry. For years, we were all provided a free venue for our community to discuss something that we all feel is important and by the looks of it, we'll continue to be provided a free venue for our community. Trust me, I generally loathe change, but it has always been there. Remember how we were all angry when the old DWPL forum gave way to the one we're now missing? Does anyone remember this all starting in other places, like the Mr. Boardwalk forum? I do.


I sense many of you are on the fence (those that are posting, and likely many more watching from a distance). I can't tell any of you what to do, but hope you'll see this doesn't have to be the end. We have had many great conversations, and I believe we can continue to have many great conversations, if we all stick around and make this work.

Jul 15

Welcome back Rob! I was hoping you would resurface. I'm more optimistic since I've seen some old names pop up but it will still be horrible if the old message boards are gone.

Jul 15

So.....What happened to Martin (MMM) and DooWopper? Are they till around?

Jul 15

Don't know if they know about the change over here. I'll text Martin and let him know.

Jul 15

DooWopper has already posted on here. Martin has not posted anything, even on the old message boards in quite some time.

Welcome back! Yes, it's different, but it's time for us to rebuild it...create new memories, recreate some old threads, and make this place our own! I'm just happy that people are returning!

Nicely put Rob. It's kind-of like rebuilding after a devastating hurricane. Before we know it, this board will be gone and a new one will take its place. It's all the cycle of life.

Jul 16

I have to say posting photos is a million times easier here, I’m having a field day on my trip report.

Jul 16

I like the look. Posts are much easier to read and my ever-aging eyes are thankful for that.

Yes I agree with what has been said already, I hope everyone comes back and continues to post

Jul 17

*sigh* as much as I miss the old forum, you are 100% right, Rob. it is what it is. Enjoy it for what it is. I to remember the old Mr. Boardwalk days too

Jul 17

I'm happy we all still have a place to talk. I'm not sure anyone would have stepped up to create a new forum independent of the DWPL (I know nothing about that sort of thing, and don't care to) and even if someone had, it's unlikely everyone would have known where to go to find it. This is clearly the better of the two scenarios.

Jul 17

Looks like Al, Martin, Dave, Mike and Carolyn are MIA here too

Jul 17

Martin is well, just busy with other things. You'll see him sooner or later.

Jul 18

Yes i know. Martin and I are friends on fb

New Posts
  • did bonellis market building sell? I saw an address in property transfers that I believe is the market.
  • looks like they want to have a stretch focusing on retail and new decorations:
  • This is a bit outdated. I was going to post this earlier this past summer, however my laptop died- along with all my bookmarks. Back on August 7 , The Dom Giordano Program on Philadelphia talk radio station 1210 WPHT interviewed Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano. It was supposed to be an interview about Ocean City, NJ's problem with seagulls and how Wildwood deals with their seagulls. In addition to seagulls, the interview touched on some other topics including the season in general and Pacific Ave. Something I learned from the interview... I never knew Wildwood is known as "The blue collar Riviera". In reference to the seagulls, the mayor commented, "They actually are our best cleaners of the beach...Without them our beaches would be a hell of a lot dirtier". Concerning Pacific Avenue, the Mayor said, although they're trying to revitalize Pacific Ave., "Our main street basically in the summer is the boardwalk... You can't compete against the boardwalk". Anyway, here is a link to the interview in case anyone is interested in listening to it... in case anyone is interested, here is a link to a more recent interview from October 15 , from the same radio program in which the Mayor is interviewed about the Philadelphia woman who was arrested on the beach last summer, who is now suing Wildwood. The Mayor refers to the lawsuit as a "money grab". Link to article and audio clip... (In both interviews, the Mayor sounds a bit nervous when commenting about his re-election coming up in November.)