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The Doo Wop Experience and Neon Sign Garden are located directly across from the Wildwoods Convention Center on Ocean Avenue between Burk and Montgomery Avenues.



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Jul 11

‘Weird experiences’ continued


Very late last night I wrote a pretty mild and innocent comment on wildwoodfan’s post about the sale of the Monaco—primarily, thanking him for the information. I couldn’t get it to upload. When I tried again later, the site presented me with an orange-red banner announcing, “You can’t publish this. For more info, contact the site owner.” (Yes, I have a screenshot.) Of course there is really no specified “site owner.” And there is no way I can find to communicate with @Russ Simmons <— except maybe that tag 😎 . Are others having this type of problem? Am I being moderated for being Miss Crankypants as usual? What gives?

You can contact me anytime look for Russ Simmons in the members page. It is possible you were not logged in as I have it set that only members(logged in) can post and comment

There is hardly a forum/message board online where people can post without logging in as I'm well aware having been involved with the so-called "social internet" since the 1990s. As far as the site would show me, I was indeed logged in. I don't think I could even have gotten as far as I did with that comment if I had been logged out. (See screenshot here, which shows what I was trying to post.) You have more than one profile under Members. I "followed" the Russ Simmons profile with the admin icon. Just now I "followed" the one you posted with here. Neither shows me any option for sending you a private message, although I believe you stated in a reply to someone else that we can still "DM" people once we have followed them.

Something else was wrong (and I should probably say *is* wrong as far as contact functions go). The current version of this site may be less than friendly to Apple devices and possibly mobile Firefox. I still run into that a lot.


Jul 12

Miss Crankypants was my second choice for a username

New Posts
  • did bonellis market building sell? I saw an address in property transfers that I believe is the market.
  • looks like they want to have a stretch focusing on retail and new decorations:
  • This is a bit outdated. I was going to post this earlier this past summer, however my laptop died- along with all my bookmarks. Back on August 7 , The Dom Giordano Program on Philadelphia talk radio station 1210 WPHT interviewed Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano. It was supposed to be an interview about Ocean City, NJ's problem with seagulls and how Wildwood deals with their seagulls. In addition to seagulls, the interview touched on some other topics including the season in general and Pacific Ave. Something I learned from the interview... I never knew Wildwood is known as "The blue collar Riviera". In reference to the seagulls, the mayor commented, "They actually are our best cleaners of the beach...Without them our beaches would be a hell of a lot dirtier". Concerning Pacific Avenue, the Mayor said, although they're trying to revitalize Pacific Ave., "Our main street basically in the summer is the boardwalk... You can't compete against the boardwalk". Anyway, here is a link to the interview in case anyone is interested in listening to it... in case anyone is interested, here is a link to a more recent interview from October 15 , from the same radio program in which the Mayor is interviewed about the Philadelphia woman who was arrested on the beach last summer, who is now suing Wildwood. The Mayor refers to the lawsuit as a "money grab". Link to article and audio clip... (In both interviews, the Mayor sounds a bit nervous when commenting about his re-election coming up in November.)