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The Doo Wop Experience and Neon Sign Garden are located directly across from the Wildwoods Convention Center on Ocean Avenue between Burk and Montgomery Avenues.



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Oct 22

BREAKING NEWS :Cedar Ave Connector and Pacific Ave!


I was back to Wildwood for the 3rd time (June...August...October) this season for the Fabulous Fifties Weekend and Beyond 2019.

( I will be doing a trip report asap). During the weekend events, I had an interesting meeting at the Doo Wop Museum with one of the officials in Doo Wop Preservation and promotion of the Wildwoods. I was told that one of the major priorities is to bring Pacific Ave back to life as a prominent attraction for Wildwood and a key will be to connect Pacific with the Boardwalk.

Plans are being developed and all of the major players are on board. There is definite progress being made an d many of the logistics to make this happen are falling into place. I plan on a follow up conversation with this official and will keep everyone informed. Stay Tuned!!!!!!

That is great news. Hopefully, there will be some renderings of what it will look like coming out soon. The Cape May County redevelopment of Pacific plus connecting Pacific to the boardwalk should revitalize the area. It also supports having the new ~90 room Choice Hotel in that area too.

But will the businesses on the boardwalk really want to divert their potential customers somewhere else?

Oct 23

Smarter folks than me will be developing this project.....I would suspect that the connector will be primarily aimed at the crowd that leaves the boardwalk after 10-11pm as its closing looking for entertainment. I am sure the big players on the boardwalk al,ready are securing property.