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The Doo Wop Experience and Neon Sign Garden are located directly across from the Wildwoods Convention Center on Ocean Avenue between Burk and Montgomery Avenues.



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Jul 11

Wildwood TRIP....REPORT CARD I was down to Wildwood June 16 to the 23....Here are some observations: 1. The Boardwalk Mall needs new owner

Jul 11

2. The Pops popcorn on Cedar and the BW was pretty quiet all week and hardly fills the void left by Harry;s Corner

I hope they can build a new customer base.

3. The Seaport Pier was very busy each night and they seem to have found a successful formula.

4.The Beach and Boardwalk work crews have done an excellent job on keeping everything looking sharp

5.The Boyer/Wildwood Museum has a buy a brick programs that allows you to get your name on the donation I have ever made...and we can visit our sidewalk brick when we are on vacation!

6. With the loss of Harry's Corner our go to place for boardwalk food is Fishers at 23rd...great food, fair prices and appreciative owners ...and very CLEAN!

7.The Runnaway Tram is looking like a lot of fun.

8. We think the hardest working guy in Wildwood has to be Gig who runs the TRAMS....everything runs like clockwork and all of his employees look like they were trained by a Marine Drill Instructor...(Gig)

9. Randy's Facination is coming together a we need to support him.

10. There was a store front up by Spencer that looked like a Good Will the heck did they get on the Boardwalk....just piles of clothes thrown on tables....not good for Wildwoods image

11. I had a blast....!!!

12. We head back down for Vol 2 of our vacation in August!!

Jul 12

When are you going in August?

great report! makes me look forward to when I go down next month!

Jul 12

Fisher's restaurant has been a go-to for my family since I was a kid. Underrated spot

Jul 15

"What to do with the Boardwalk Mall?" is sounding a lot like, "What to do with Pacific Avenue?"


I don't have any answer to that question, but I know one thing that's NOT an answer: I don't think the Boardwalk Mall can continue to exist as a mall. It offers retail space, just like the boardwalk (and in mid-season, there are quite a few empty spaces), but offers none of the exposure. One has to walk inside the building to notice one of the businesses within. I would love to see it become a movie theater again, but the building is too small to offer what is expected of modern theaters (multiple screens, comprehensive snack bar, reclining seats, etc.). Mini golf would be nice (or anything to entertain on a rainy day) but I don't think it would generate enough business to cover the rent that's necessary to properly maintain the structure. Ditto for a restaurant that would need a liquor license to draw crowds.


Personally, I think it becoming a concert venue would be cool. Imagine your favorite band performing for a small but enthusiastic crowd! But then that would compete with the Convention Center, and I don't see many of anyone's favorite bands going there to perform intimate shows.

I want to like Fisher's. I really do. Out of curiosity, are we talking breakfast here or lunch and dinners?



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  • We were down to Wildwood for just one day to close up the shore house and enjoy the island one last time before everything closes for the winter. It was closing day for Mariner's Landing and their Oktoberfest celebration. It wasn't too cold, but there was some clouds and occasional drizzle. Here are some pictures from the day. We got some Curley's and they were great. We didn't try the "beer cheese". I had my last fix of Mack's for the year. I hope it will last me through the winter... They were selling these huge cheese-covered pretzels on Mariner's Landing. I didn't have one, but this lady let me take a picture of hers. I should have asked her for a bite too. I had to get my pumpkin and cinnamon Kohr's cone. Things were pretty quiet on the beach and boardwalk. The pier was adorned with blue & white bunting. A lot of chairs in storage. Where Ferris wheel cars go to hibernate for the winter. Randy was bringing in some stuff to his arcade. I'm not sure if it was just to store or he was going to set it up. "See you in May." That says it all...
  • Hello everyone, I'm a bit late with this but I've been extremely busy. My girlfriend and I went down the 22nd-25th of August and stayed at the Shalimar. Here is a video I put together. I tried to make it fun by adding facts about Wildwood, personal stories, or asking the viewers questions. And another video: I call this trip "unfinished business" . There were things I had planned to do, but couldn't. Anyway, here's a recap: 22nd: -Left in the morning, got there by lunch and did our usual first stop at Curley's. Played some ski ball at Lime Ricky's after it (where it's still only a quarter to play) . Checked in, took a quick nap, then hit the gym. Our favorite, Bandana's for dinner, the vegetable wrap there is so good. Hit the boards where we soaked in the sights and sounds for the night. Of course, I played a good half hour of Fascination, so happy it's back! 23rd: -Drove to Fresh on 5th in North Wildwood for a big green smoothie for breakfast, I was filled with energy and ready to go. For lunch, we went to The Mad Batter in Cape May. There was quite a wait, but it was worth it. We ordered take out since it would have been quicker. We ordered the seitan wings which were so incredibly good. My gf also ordered a black bean burger to eat at a later time. Ate in our room. And then....the rain came. It rained (pretty heavy) for the rest of the day and into the night. I did drive out for some soy ice cream at Cool Scoops, but other than that, we stayed in the room and watched Mindhunter on Netflix. The day was pretty much lost. 24th: -It was beautiful the next morning. We rented bikes and drove from the Crest to the boardwalk and back, and then a bit in the streets. This was a huge accomplishment for me, as I have only learned to ride 2 years ago and have only ridden while on vacation pretty much. So that was my first time riding in the streets. Next year, I plan to go more than a few blocks in the streets. After showering we hit the boards, had a smoothie from Alohoa. I planned to conquer my fears and go on roller coasters. I told my gf "I'll go on tonight when we come back to the boards" . After a nap in the room, went to Bandana's again (to go this time) so I can get another veggie wrap while my gf had her black bean burger from Mad Batter, which she said was great. It became cool and breezy, and we realized we didn't pack anything for cooler temps, so we just hung out on the balcony/the room for the night, no boardwalk. 25th: -After checking out, we went to the board for one more round of Curley fries. We usually get fries and leave right away, but this time we stuck around on the boards for another hour or so, playing some more ski ball, and soaking everything in one last time. Of course the weather was finally perfect the day we were leaving. I had a hard time leaving. There was a lot of uncertainty job wise back home. I didn't get to go on the rides like I had hoped. We didn't do our usual fun times in Old City Pub and then going in the Ghost Ship. No Ferris Wheel. Didn't get to Sunset Lake, or any of the wineries. I wanted to do more bike riding. As we were walking back to the car, I said "I have unfinished business here" . I didn't want it to end. And so, the long wait for next summer begins.
  • We arrived in Wildwood Saturday the 31st around noon and headed home on Sunday around 1 pm. We had to make it a shorter trip this year because my son joined marching band and he had a Friday night football game that the band played at. The weather in Wildwood was great on both days and we managed to pack a lot in. Here are a few pictures from the trip. Although it was a short trip we had fun. The summer ended way too fast again...