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Sep 4

Marine Pier late 1940's



My Dad loved to take photos. I believe this photo of the Salt and Pepper Shaker (Rolo Plane) is was from the late 1940's or early 1950's. Front of Marine Pier looking towards the Playland Carousel building. That Rolo Plane graced the pier until the late 1960's.

neat picture. what's that building in the foreground that looks like a log cabin?

Sep 17Edited: Sep 17

Good question. This was before my time but I have seen those cabins in other photos of the pier. Restrooms maybe? Convenient to put them in the middle of the pier if that's what they are.😁

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  • Yes I know I am old LMAO but I am look for anyone who has pics of the old Sportsland pier pool. I love to see them posted here on the forum
  • This was posted to YouTube only within the past couple of days by the Wildwood Video Archive. Whoever shot this seemed to know how to make an 8mm home movie (at least vs. most others that people see). Really good. It should've been left in its original aspect ratio rather than "zooming" in though -- which not only crops-off the top & bottom but degrades the quality.
  • Someone shared these pictures of his family at a motel that he thinks was in Wildwood and asked if I could identify it....I could not. Does anyone here recognize the motel? It could possibly be Atlantic City.