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The Doo Wop Experience and Neon Sign Garden are located directly across from the Wildwoods Convention Center on Ocean Avenue between Burk and Montgomery Avenues.



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Jul 19

New Preservation Group

Jul 19

Thanks for the heads up, I just followed them on Facebook. The more exposure Wildwood's character gets the better. I like how that group also focuses on the homes. So much is being lost up and down the shore in regards to older homes being torn down, LBI is going through similar problems now with the loss of the cape cods and the building of increasingly large commercial properties that always seem to get variances approved. You can't stop change but it can be managed. Just about every new home in Bay Head looks like it fits in. Encourage creativity. Encourage homeowners and buyers to renovate and expand instead of just leveling everything. Maintain set backs. There is always room for compromise.

It's always good to have more groups like this. I am living in an area where development is WAY out of control. I would hate to see that happen down the shore. Part of the reason I enjoy going down is to get away from this crazy development area...not to go from one development area to another.

Jul 19

I hate to say it's too little too late, but I sincerely wish them luck, regardless, on whatever is left.

I agree. better late than never, I suppose. though come to think about it, there's still lots of pre-doo wop left too. not as much as say the early 90's, but there's still some great old architecture around. seeing that these are young kids spearheading it is a positive thing too, as it defeats the whole "this generation doesn't care about older stuff " . we do! :)

Jul 19

@blue_surge It's not just young people who couldn't care less about history nowadays -- local or otherwise. I have to say though, regardless of what currently remains, the essential character, general aesthetic and "feel" of the Wildwoods has been changed forever (*especially* in the Crest). For me, it was always more than just the boardwalk and the beach anyway - and I certainly have a history of going down there long enough that I'll never be able to simply shrug it off.

@cmcguy I hear ya man. I am a Crester for life and I recall some AWESOME looking houses in the early 90's that are no longer there. My dad used to creep me out and say they were all haunted houses and that's where the ghouls of Castle Dracula stayed!

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Jul 22

I've noticed that in the crest area of Pacific Ave there are still quite a few older homes

Jul 25

There are still a huge pocket of old shore homes in nww near the bay side. Have a friend who just bought one in that area.

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