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The Doo Wop Experience and Neon Sign Garden are located directly across from the Wildwoods Convention Center on Ocean Avenue between Burk and Montgomery Avenues.



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3 hours ago

Hey all, TNT Amuesments posted another tour of Randy's latest boardwalk location. In it, Randy revealed he will have an additional location opened on the boards next summer (sounds like it will be in
a day ago

This is a bit outdated. I was going to post this earlier this past summer, however my laptop died- along with all my bookmarks. Back on August 7 , The Dom Giordano Program on Philadelphia talk radio
Nov 8

looks like they want to have a stretch focusing on retail and new decorations:
Oct 19

As seen here: it REALLY needs it. some parts of the board are so rough on the feet and back.
Oct 5

I think we very much need categories like the last forum had. Wading through a hodge podge of posts is in my opinion just not user friendly. Anyone agree, disagree? Warren.
Oct 4

We all know the Wildwood boardwalk isn't the place to go if you want to witness rapid change, but it seems there's some new stuff this season. Hatchet-throwing is becoming a thing (never done it, but
Sep 16

News reports of a multi-story deck collapse with multiple injuries at a house on the 200 block of E. Baker Ave. in Wildwood. Incident occurred at around 6 PM Saturday evening. 6 ABC Action News is r
Sep 15

He was very insightful and had good sources that would fill him in .
Sep 13

Saw on Facebook some news for the Boardwalk Mall, Cap'n Jacks will be taking over the front of the boardwalk mall on two levels. What a great way to take in the wonderful views from the second floor.
Sep 4

If you haven't already seen this post from NASA about the island's amazing beach expanse and its history, I think you'll enjoy it as I did.
20 hours ago

to Icona Resorts for 6.6 million and plans on building a new high end hotel named "Mahalo Resort" the first level will be retail space.
2 days ago

Ocean Holiday to be expanded according to new planning board notice. Great news that they are keeping the existing motel and enhancing it. NOTICE TO BE PUBLISHED IN OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER TAKE NOTICE tha
Nov 6

did bonellis market building sell? I saw an address in property transfers that I believe is the market.
Oct 19

It lives. (Just stumbled over it while looking for info on the demolition of the Mariner/Bayview.)
Oct 4

The Sea Foam hotel is putting new windows in. It looks like the new owners are investing in the property which is a positive sign. Also, it is nice to see an existing property improved versus torn d
Sep 24

We are heading down this Thursday to Sunday. Looks like picture perfect weather. Can’t wait!!
Sep 15

I may be mistaken, but it looked like the dunk tank was under construction last year. He wasn't there the year before. Is he gone for good?
Sep 15

Morey's Piers has received a Golden Ticket Award from amusement industry publication Amusement Today for "Publisher's Pick for " Park of the Year ". "Morey’s Piers, Wildwood, N.J., for celebratin
Sep 11

The local fox news just reported that the Tram Cars will not be running south of the Convention Center because of the structural integrity of the boardwalk. They also spoke of Trenton not allocating t
Aug 31

Looks like a new restaurant with drive-thru is going for planning board approval. That is rumored to be the new Popeye's location. Public notice attached below. PUBLIC NOTICE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that