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Sep 10

Boardwalk Mall News


Saw on Facebook some news for the Boardwalk Mall, Cap'n Jacks will be taking over the front of the boardwalk mall on two levels. What a great way to take in the wonderful views from the second floor. I don't have many details but keep an eye on Wildwood365 on Facebook as I'm sure they will have more information as it becomes available. Based on the success of the current Cap'n Jacks I'd imagine this will be a huge win for Boardwalk Mall and the Boardwalk as a whole.

Hopefully that draws some decent stores back to the mall. And I sure hope they paint over that poorly done whale on the north wall.

This will certainly bring better stores in the mall. Maybe even the return of Randy in the basement.

About time, know if they can attract some nice stores to go along with it. I can't wait to see how this unfolds for next summer

Sep 11

That's fantastic news. I really hope the exterior ends up looking as nice as it does in the rendering. Also happy the original location is staying as it leaving would be a huge blow to what's left of Hunt's Pier (don't need that prime space sitting empty next season).

Sep 12

Looks like this will be a nice addition and upgrade for the mall. I had been thinking all along that what the mall needed was something to make it a "destination". This could be just the thing it needed. Hopefully more good things will follow.

Sep 12

This is really great news but does the boardwalk really need another captn jacks? I love it there I go all the time but can't see need for a second location. I mean its fine the same owners want to open another place but why not a different type of place? its definitly better then an empty building.

$$$ . captn jacks does good business and is now an established name on the boards. they will be busy in both locations.

Sep 13

I understand. guess I'm just being selfish I wanted a new place to go too. haaa.

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