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The Doo Wop Experience and Neon Sign Garden are located directly across from the Wildwoods Convention Center on Ocean Avenue between Burk and Montgomery Avenues.



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Jul 15

Thoughts on new boardwalk businesses?


We all know the Wildwood boardwalk isn't the place to go if you want to witness rapid change, but it seems there's some new stuff this season. Hatchet-throwing is becoming a thing (never done it, but maybe I should so I can understand the appeal) and there are at least two new clothing stores that are very different from the usual t-shirt traps (Beau Boutique near Mariner's and another between Mariner's and Adventure Pier selling Wildwood-specific stuff, almost like a boardwalk "Exit Zero").


Has anyone noticed anything else new and different? Your thoughts on these businesses surviving/thriving?

I had a response, tried to post it multiple times, but it wouldn't let me post it! I'll try again tomorrow.

Jul 17

I know there is a Playa bowl place on the boardwalk now. That seems to be the new fad in healthy desserts.

I don't forsee some of the upscale clothing stores lasting on the boardwalk. People are on vacation and don't want to spend $50 for something they can get for $10 at Wal-Mart.

I'm all for more healthy food options! Some people go nuts on vacation with what they eat- I don't blame them, I used to do the same. But not everyone does. So it's a win win for everyone.

Jul 28

I actively avoid anything that advertises itself as "upscale" (or has a reputation for being so). Too many things have been ruined by trying to appeal to that "sensibility" and it's just not my kind of vibe. If I wanted that, then Stone Harbor or Avalon is just a hop & a skip away in the car. Of course you're right about $50 tee-shirts, regardless, especially on the boardwalk. I'm also one of those people who "go nuts" and eat whatever I like on vacation. For me, it's a *part* of the vacation -- which is extremely temporary after all, Sean. ;)

Amen to "more healthy food options." I do endorse the new Steak 'em-Up, as my system runs pretty well on red meat (unfortunately) and I thought their Philly cheese steak quite good on two occasions. I told the guys behind the counter there that I won't eat anything in the middle of the boardwalk except Mack's. (To which one immediately retorted "Sam's." LOL) I love the boards and tend to spend long stretches walking and tram-riding and eventually, of course, hunger becomes a problem. More options not loaded with grease, sugar and dubious ingredients would be nice. (I find the Doo Wop Diner a reliable resource but of course that's well below the middle.)

Jul 17

we will let everyone know in a few weeks when we head there

Jul 19

I saw a couple new clothing stores, one in particular, "Simply Wildwood" looked very nice. It was all embroidered Wildwood attire. The store was clean, organized, and bright. It's definitely nice to see more place like this as opposed to the t-shirt stores. Every Jersey boardwalk needs some of them, but they get old after a while. Shore Lines looks to be doing great, I dropped $120 there last night getting a couple gifts and decorations for my house.

Is Simply Wildwood the store that is painted in pastel colors with all pastel clothes? I remember one of them being a pastel overload.

Jul 19

@DarkInThePark I didn't take a picture so I'm having a hard time remembering but I think so. I don't remember the walls being pastel but there were many different colored shirts.

Aug 13

@DarkInThePark That's the one I was thinking of but couldn't remember the name. I'm all for that kind of business. I don't know if it's "upscale" as much as it's just different from the usual stuff. It's a store that sells uniquely "Wildwood" clothing and I can't think of any reason not to appreciate that. It's really no different from the Morey's stores... which reminds me, the piers have taken their food and gift spreads to new, impressive levels. Kudos!

Jul 28

Someone should bring back 'The Fun Shop' - selling the same types of items it originally did.

Jul 28

An excellent idea! A great business for fun boardwalk!

Jul 29

@flyingn I wish I still had my "Laffun' Head" that I bought there in the late 60s. :)

I loved the Fun Shop. Everytime I had a buck to spend that's where I'd go. X-Ray specs, snap gum, squirt seat and whoppee cushions. Great magic tricks there also. It would be terrific to bring that all back.

Ever notice how the "t-shirt traps" are featuring Wildwood graphics a lot more than they did not so long ago? That's a good thing, fellow fanatics. The shirt business on the boardwalk is going through some changes though, which I haven't quite sorted out yet. One thought I definitely do have on this subject: Thank the gods that something, anything replaced Fredo's. 😁

Aug 19

It's likely a good thing. Some of the graphic t-shirts are funny (foul humor doesn't usually offend me) but I would think most people willing to drop $$$ on clothing would prefer something they can wear more often. The stuff in Simply Wildwood looks to be aimed at the same people always going to Cape May to buy Exit Zero stuff (like me). People can wear Exit Zero shirts everywhere, unlike ones advertising the mental damage of the person they're standing next to.

You are all correct, the "upscale" places bombed and more T-shirt places have proliferated. And Fredo's (same owner, same equipment) opened on the front corner of the boardwalk mall, so much for new ideas.

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  • did bonellis market building sell? I saw an address in property transfers that I believe is the market.
  • looks like they want to have a stretch focusing on retail and new decorations:
  • This is a bit outdated. I was going to post this earlier this past summer, however my laptop died- along with all my bookmarks. Back on August 7 , The Dom Giordano Program on Philadelphia talk radio station 1210 WPHT interviewed Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano. It was supposed to be an interview about Ocean City, NJ's problem with seagulls and how Wildwood deals with their seagulls. In addition to seagulls, the interview touched on some other topics including the season in general and Pacific Ave. Something I learned from the interview... I never knew Wildwood is known as "The blue collar Riviera". In reference to the seagulls, the mayor commented, "They actually are our best cleaners of the beach...Without them our beaches would be a hell of a lot dirtier". Concerning Pacific Avenue, the Mayor said, although they're trying to revitalize Pacific Ave., "Our main street basically in the summer is the boardwalk... You can't compete against the boardwalk". Anyway, here is a link to the interview in case anyone is interested in listening to it... in case anyone is interested, here is a link to a more recent interview from October 15 , from the same radio program in which the Mayor is interviewed about the Philadelphia woman who was arrested on the beach last summer, who is now suing Wildwood. The Mayor refers to the lawsuit as a "money grab". Link to article and audio clip... (In both interviews, the Mayor sounds a bit nervous when commenting about his re-election coming up in November.)